Neural Activity Visualizer
The neural-activity-visualizer Javascript app, enables web-browser visualisation of electrophysiology datafiles in any format supported by the Neo library. It makes use of the Neo Viewer REST API.
Quick Overview
The component was developed to produce graphical representations of neural activity data based on the Neo object model. Neo is an open source API implemented in Python supporting many file formats, including several proprietary formats (e.g. AlphaOmega, Plexon, NeuroExplorer), open formats (e.g. Neurodata Without Borders, Klustakwik, Elan) and generic file formats (e.g. MATLAB, ASCII, HDF5). Neo loads this data into a common object model with the aim of increasing interoperability of various software tools used in electrophysiology and thus facilitating sharing of data between different projects. Neo's focus is solely on the structure of the data, with separate tools being required for their analysis. Our compoment comes in at this stage by enabling interactive visualization of data. It makes use of the open source Plotly library for visualisation, owing to its efficiency in handling large data, and Django Python web framework for the backend.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under the Specific Grant Agreements No. 785907 and No. 945539 (Human Brain Project SGA2 and SGA3).

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